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adjective: fortunate

favoured by or involving good luck; lucky. "she'd been fortunate to escape serious injury" synonyms: lucky, favoured, blessed, blessed with good luck, in luck, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth, born under a lucky star, having a charmed life, charmed, happy; More informalsitting pretty; informaljammy "he was fortunate that the punishment was so slight" antonyms: unfortunate auspicious or favourable. "a most fortunate match for our daughter" synonyms: favourable, advantageous, providential, auspicious, welcome, heaven-sent, beneficial, propitious, fortuitous, promising, encouraging, fruitful, opportune, happy, felicitous, profitable, gainful, rewarding, helpful, useful, valuable, timely, well timed, convenient, expedient; More archaicseasonable "in a fortunate position" antonyms: unfavourable materially well off; prosperous. "a federal programme aimed at helping less fortunate families" synonyms: wealthy, rich, affluent, opulent, prosperous, well off, moneyed, well-to-do, well heeled, comfortable; More